Hi. I’m Adam. I’m an artist.

Another House. Oil on board. 11″x14″ 2014.

Welcome to my website.

My project galleries are linked on the bar above.  There is also a button for my sketch-blog which is the best place to see new works, pieces from sketchbooks, news, and other doodles.

I’m restless about the art I make.

I currently create in a realistic style in oil, watercolor, pencil, and ink.  And also silverpoint and acrylics.  On occasion I do commissioned works, screen-printing, bookbinding, comics (traditionally drawn and digital), classical figure drawing, and sculpture in multi-media. I also take pictures and paint landscapes for fun.

Sometimes I’m serious.  Sometimes I’m not.  Sometimes I just like making pretty things.

My themes are varied and drawn from many aspects of the world around me.  I am fascinated by the intersection of myth and reality, the urban and rural landscapes, and the extraordinary complexities of ordinary life.

I hope you enjoy my work.