Artist’s Statement

I depict the sometimes conflicting aspects of life through painted images.   I utilize various techniques and subject matters- each chosen to best communicate my questions to the viewer. While seemingly disparate, my bodies of work are not at odds. Rather, they offer several entrance points to the question of how people balance multiple spheres of influence and experience – often overlapping, interfering, or repelling one another.

Throughout my work I explore the tension between memory and reality, the urban and rural landscapes, and the extraordinary complexities of everyday life.

My present focus is on two series:

Substance, Surface, Dreams

Since 2016 the main focus of my work has been a series of object portraits in which I ask: Is what we consume – literally and figuratively – healthy? Here I focus on the distractions and standards placed upon society through pervasive consumer culture. I ask how collective values are shaped by what we are sold, and what we buy.

Bright, familiar objects are enlarged, stripped of context, and made unavoidable. The subject is elevated to a meditative icon that retains its seductive nature, a fractured reflective remnant of empty consumption. What was formerly worthless is revalued through the artistic alchemy of the painted surface.

Since 2012 a portion of my work has been an exploration of the psychological and physical landscape of my childhood. Growing up in rural New Hampshire fostered a sense of exploration, but also a sense of isolation within a foreboding landscape. The paintings are not slavish depictions of sites, they are a mixture of observation and memory. In the works I portray the unequal balance between the person and nature. The presence of human activity is secondary – pushed to the edges, or on the verge of succumbing to nature.

I see this series as both a reconciliation with childhood memories, as well as a continuation in the historic tradition of landscape painting – using the natural world as an underpinning for the pastoral and the sublime. With these paintings I offer the viewers a sense of familiarity with the physical and emotional place that balances the specific with the universal.

Daily Painting.

In an effort to improve my skill and understanding of painting I’ve adopted a routine of daily painting. These still lives and landscapes – often done plein air – are both an exercise and a record of my daily life: the areas I inhabit and the objects that populate my life.



  • Sketches : Drawing from life and life drawing : Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA


  • BAA Members Show : Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA
  • Somerville Open Studios : Somerville, MA
  • Melt : Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA
  • Brickbottom Open Studios: Somerville, MA


  • Echoes : Simon’s Too Cafe, Cambridge, MA (solo)
  • Somerville Open Studios: Somerville, MA
  • In (bound) Sight : Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA
  • BAA Members Show: Brickbottom Gallery, Somerville, MA
  • Brickbottom Open Studios: Somerville, MA


  • Somerville Open Studios: Somerville, MA
  • Salon21 : The Nave Gallery, Somerville, MA
  • Brickbottom Open Studios: Somerville, MA

2008 – 2013

  • Somerville Open Studios: Somerville, MA


  • Limitations: Diesel Cafe, Somerville, MA (solo)



Montserrat College of Art : 2002 BFA, cum laude