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Adam Leveille was born in western Massachusetts, but spent his childhood on a small farm in New Hampshire.  From an early age Adam was attracted to the creative process which was encouraged by his family.  In 1997 he returned to MA for college.  After earning a degree in fine arts Adam has explored multiple avenues of art-making, including mural painting, bookbinding, printmaking, and sculpture.  In 2012 Adam dedicated himself primarily to painting.  He currently lives and paints in Somerville, MA

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Thanks for visiting my website!  Please contact me via the address below:


If you like my work I want you to have it so I price as reasonably as I can.

However, I still need to buy materials, eat, and pay bills.  The money you spend on my artwork goes a long way towards my future work!

Below is a rough guide of pricing.  For specific pieces please inquire at the email above.

Oil Paintings:

  • sketches : $50-$200
  • 8″x10″/ 9″x12″ : $200 – $800
  • 14″x18″ / 16″x20″ :  $300 – $1500
  • Large scale : $1000+

Water Colors/Ink Drawings:

  • 12″x12″ : $150 – $175
  • 9″x12″ : $50 – $150

Payment:  I take cash, check, PayPal, and the barter system.  Pricing does not include framing or shipping.

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