The Apartment

Here are some before and after photos of the apartment.

Livingroom Panorama 01

The previous occupant was a maximalist, to say the least. Lots of collectibles, lots of his work, and a massive library of architecture and design books.

Dining Room 01

When we first viewed the space it was F-U-L-L!!

Front Room 3

The previous tenant was a very busy architect who worked on multiple projects at a time.  Despite the fullness things were neatly organized in baskets and files.  Just lots of them!

Bathroom 01The tiny bathroom was cramped with an extra cabinet and shelves.

full space

Even the day before we were scheduled to move in there was still a lot of stuff in the space.

2022 Update

I went through and took some new photos this past year.  Some things have changed dramatically (plants have grown huuge!) while others – such as the dining room – have remained steadfastly unchanged.

Lounge 4
The Lounge
The Studio
The Bedroom

2015 – when we first moved in.

LivingRoom 2

Lance and I took a slightly more minimal approach to the space. The morning light is amazing!

We added some plants and rearranged some pieces.

Dining Room Lounge

We used a lot of simple, clean-lined pieces with low heights to keep the space open and preserve the view through the wall of windows.

At night the dining table is silhouetted against the white wall.  The table top gets pretty dramatic when the spotlight hits the walnut.


The front room is still a workspace/studio/lounge.  The natural light is great for painting.

The bedroom is around the corner, tucked behind the bookshelves.

In the morning the space is flooded with light which acts a natural alarm clock.