More old stuff

It’s 9:30 on a Thursday and I’m having a glass of wine and listening to some music (The Album Leaf) and sifting through some old drawings I had scanned to see what’s worth posting.  I have dozens and dozens of sketchbooks filled with old figure drawings but I feel like throwing some naked men up on the screen is a cheap way to drive traffic.

So cheap it is!

I used to attend a figure drawing session nearby that was borderline legit.  Which was fine, some of the sketchiness (no pun intended) appealed to me, and the models were generally very good.  Unfortunately the host of the group let it devolve into a shit-show, so I ended up not returning.  However, I did get some good drawings, including one of my favorite models: Edward.  I have some sketch pages of him, and a nice finished drawing that is very reminiscent of the Barberini Faun.