Five Free Paintings!

Bring a little art into your life today with a free painting!

The first person to email me (adamMLeveille at gmail)  with the painting number they want gets it.  Totally free of charge.  I will mail it anywhere in the US*, or you can pick it up locally in Boston.

#1. Skull and Teddy.  Admittedly this is a weird little painting, but being weird has never stopped any of my friends.  9″x12″ Oil on board.


#2. Field in Lincoln.  This is a little experiment with acrylics from last summer when I was out biking. It’s 9″x12″ Acrylic on canvas over wood stretchers.

Acrylic on canvas. 9"x12" Painted from a photograph.

Acrylic on canvas. 9″x12″ Painted from a photograph.

#3.  Fluffy Clouds.  Earlier in the spring we were subjected to some crazy thunderstorms and I observed the gorgeous cloud formations in the aftermath.  This is a big painting at 16″x20″.  Oil on board. (*because of the size this one is pick-up only)

20130607-163142.jpg#4. Tree Roots at Jordan Pond.  Trying to capture the dappled light coming through the trees.  9″x12″ Oil on Board

Walking around Jordan Pond.  Oil on board. 9"x12" Painted from a photograph

Walking around Jordan Pond. Oil on board. 9″x12″ Painted from a photograph

#5.  Teddy Solo.  This is the most recent painting – a quick study using the Zorn palette of black, white, red, and yellow ochre. 8″x 10.25″ Oil on unmounted canvas.

Zorn Palette Teddy : Oil on unmounted canvas. 2013

Zorn Palette Teddy : Oil on unmounted canvas. 2013