I am a cyborg.

Just to show I’m not slacking off I’ve added some teasers of three paintings I’m working on. In the meantime browse around, find that perfect gift for that special someone!

Black Friday is over!  Its Cyber Monday!  Want a great deal online?  Well check out my newly Holiday Discounted Price Guide.

Do you know what makes a great, thoughtful, and unique gift?  Original artwork. And what is this website is all about?  Original artwork!  I’ve got landscapes, portraits, watercolors, oils, drawings, and even a few tasteful nudes.

Flip through the galleries on the bar above – if an item isn’t tagged sold or NFS then it is available for sale!

And don’t forget to scroll through the Sketch Blog  for lots more work that hasn’t been sorted into the links above.

If there is anything you’d like or you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me.

Some details of three paintings in the works

Some details of three paintings in the works