Rainy weekend = getting stuff done

The cold and rainy Memorial day weekend turned out to be a great prompt to get some work done.  I spent most of Friday and Saturday in the studio and the results aren’t bad.

I was able to finish up the last details on an Echoes painting and add in several new layers on another. I still need to finish up some of the details on the first painting below, as well as think up titles; perhaps the hardest part of the whole process.

Then on Saturday afternoon I went in a different direction by using photos after a recent thunderstorm as inspiration (and an an excuse to play around with Liquin painting medium.)  I’m definitely not thrilled with the smell of the Liquin, which is something akin to model glue.  But the effects were interesting: a much more fluid painting body, paint that was a tad bit slippery at times, and a greater extension of the paint than I’ve experienced with the walnut alkyd medium.

I’m planning on going back in with the Liquin to explore some glazing techniques.  And I picked up a new tube of titanium white because I’ve been getting really annoyed with the transparency of the Permalba (titanium/zinc mixture)

Echoes A Path Echoes Lines WEB Light Painting