Another Rainy Friday

Another Skull

Another Skull : Oil on board. 9″x12″ 2013

So I’m not crazy morbid.  I just happen to have a plastic anatomical skull laying around and it makes for an easy prop for paintings. (that’s also the reason the teeth look very fake…they are.)

It’s been another rainy Friday finishing up some pieces, including this little piece.  I’ve been playing with Liquin as a medium and trying to get a handle on transparent layers and building up a painting rather than the alla-prima style I’m used to.  It is definitely interesting, allowing for a lot more control, but a lot less expression.  I can’t say I love it just yet.

Liquin is an alkyd medium, similar to the walnut alkyd medium I normally use. While the walnut is non-toxic and shortens drying times it cannot be added in bulk to the paints or it will screw with the adhesion.  Liquin can be added and added and added, allowing for lots of transparencies and layers, but it also is a petroleum based product with a definite model-glue type smell.  Not my favorite.