Acadia 4/5

Almost done with all my Acadia stuff.  The last couple of days there I convinced Lance to come to the rocky side of the island with me and he hung out and read while I painted.

It was rather beautiful to be standing on the edge of the rocks gazing into the ocean.  Until the ocean started getting closer as the tide came in.  Lance nabbed this photo.

Adam painting.

Adam painting.

The painting was done on half of a 9×12″ board.  It came out decent.  One of the things I caught myself doing was compressing some of the elements to make them fit onto the board.  The small hash marks on the top corners are from small bull-dog clips that I use to stack wet paintings without them touching one another.

Ocean Rocks : Oil on Board. 9"x5.5"  2013. painted on site.

Ocean Rocks : Oil on Board. 9″x5.5″ 2013. painted on site.