More Pigeons

We see ‘pigeon’ as a mass. Each one is so similar to the other that it may as well BE the other. When we look at pigeons we rarely see individuality. For some reason I am drawn to pigeons (aesthetically speaking, I don’t want to have one as a pet or raise them.)

On these two occasions I saw pigeons huddled in the rain, feathers fluffed to stay warm and as dry as possible.  I snapped quick photos with my cell phone and did the drawings from them.  They are silverpoint on paper, from some time in 2006.  Approx. 5″x9″

Old Figure Drawings

These are a few old figure drawings I found while digging through some old sketchbooks.  As you can see there are definitely some proportion issues to be worked through.  Most of these are from 2005-2006. When you click a thumbnail it will pop up a carousel.  Click the ‘permalink’ button for more details about the image.


Sketch-blog lift off!



2006 : Silverpoint on prepared paper. 9" x 9"

My plan is to update the sketchblog periodically through the week and make major updates as larger pieces are finished.   I was digging through some old sketch-books and found this drawing from 2006.  It seemed apropos for the first posting.   It’s one of the first finished drawings I did in silver-point.  I had a thing for pigeons at the time.