A “quick” study

This was intended as a quick study, but ended up taking about an hour for the drawing and about 2.5 hours for the painting.

I need to go back in and add some details once the main painting dries.

untitled : Oil on linen. 9"x12" 2015

untitled : Oil on linen. 9″x12″ 2015

And here it is with the final details added: trees, street light, lettering, some extra windows, and some power lines.  Adds a little more depth and texture.

untitled : Oil on linen. 9"x12" 2015

untitled : Oil on linen. 9″x12″ 2015

To be finished or not to be finished

Eh…in many ways this was a fun painting to work on.  I really liked being able to use some brighter colors, and of course I love the light and architecture of Somerville triple decker houses.

But I also love it when windows are all the correct size, placement, and relatively vertical.  Im not sure why but I had a really difficult time getting the windows to sit properly on the faces of the houses without feeling cartoonish.

I may go back and re-work this… or I may just add it to the growing pile of panels that will some day be repurposed… time will tell.

Houses : Oil on panel.  12"x16"  2015

Houses : Oil on panel. 12″x16″ 2015

The Old Barn

The old barn at my dad’s house – where I grew up – has always been a place of mystery and exploration for me.  There is something very evocative of the geometry of the beams, the varying levels of height, the walls perforated by shafts of sunlight, which bounce around and illuminate.

I’ve been working on this imagery for a little while, and while I’m not sure if these paintings are exactly what I’m looking for I plan on spending more time with the subject matter.