Some random old sketches.

Every now and then I flip through my past sketchbooks and discover things I like that I had forgotten about.

Box Drawings

Box Drawings. Colored pencil on colored paper. 6″x9″ each page. 2005 ish.

Fisher Skull Drawing

Fisher Skull Drawing. Colored pencil on colored paper. 6″x9″ 2005

Stairs and Snow

Stairs and Snow. Silverpoint on colored paper washed with gouache. 6″x9″ 2005 ish.

More Pigeons

We see ‘pigeon’ as a mass. Each one is so similar to the other that it may as well BE the other. When we look at pigeons we rarely see individuality. For some reason I am drawn to pigeons (aesthetically speaking, I don’t want to have one as a pet or raise them.)

On these two occasions I saw pigeons huddled in the rain, feathers fluffed to stay warm and as dry as possible.  I snapped quick photos with my cell phone and did the drawings from them.  They are silverpoint on paper, from some time in 2006.  Approx. 5″x9″

Fence Progress

As some of my friends know I’m rather enamored with the idea of fences.  They pop up in lots of my work – from physical sculptures, to drawings, to photographs.  Sometimes they are metaphorical, sometimes they are just plain real.

I’ve been working on a large drawing for the Lost series which incorporates one of my favorites: chain link.  I love the durability, the industrial aesthetic, and the airy perforations which all combine to say “you can see through, but you can’t get through.”
A snippet of the larger drawing which is going ever so slowly.

Fence Progress detail

And a page from my sketchbook with a test run of the fencing:

Fence Test Run

Sketch-blog lift off!



2006 : Silverpoint on prepared paper. 9" x 9"

My plan is to update the sketchblog periodically through the week and make major updates as larger pieces are finished.   I was digging through some old sketch-books and found this drawing from 2006.  It seemed apropos for the first posting.   It’s one of the first finished drawings I did in silver-point.  I had a thing for pigeons at the time.