New Sketchbook…almost

When I get busy or lazy I use Moleskine sketchbooks.  When I get bored with those I make my own.  This is one that I had folded the pages down ages ago, but never got around to actually sewing until a just a couple weeks back.  Here it is glued up before I stick it in the press for a few days to dry out.

The construction is a hybrid Bradel binding that I developed and love.  The covers are a folded thick watercolor paper that is edged along the spine with thin red leather.  The covers are sewn onto the text block – as though they are signatures – with a double-needle coptic stitch.  Then the cover is glued shut on itself which creates a fairly stiff, but thin board, and all of the knots from the sewing are hidden inside.  I cover thin boards with a material and past them onto the thin boards, and then turn in the edges over both.
This was constructed with Strathmore 400 drawing paper, waxed linen thread, and red leather, with boards covered in a re-purposed vellum document from 1822 and red french-marbled paste downs.

In a week when its good and dry I’ll pull it out of the press and start using it.